Spice Carnival – Performance Feedback Survey

I came across this today. I think it is a clever idea. At least it’s proactive!

Carnival 2012 looked to be a hallmark year with our New World Collection and our greatest time ever, but the thing that made it truly a success was you!

You wore your costume with pride, you ‘pumped your flags’ and ‘rolled’ to ‘Jab Jab music’ and helped Spice put on a real show on the road. So thank you, we worked hard to provide for you and you returned the favour by being a contributor to everyone’s good time.

Whether you are back to the rigours of your daily routine or still in recovery mode from the madness of Mas, we want to get some feedback from you while it’s all still fresh in your mind. The Spice team is already several steps into preparations for Carnival 2013 so your thoughts are very valuable in helping us decide where we need to allocate our constant efforts to improve.

We’ve made it easy, just take a 6 minute survey, and feel free to send us an e-mail with your suggestions or a testimonial of your fantastic time that you’d like to share.

Log in HERE to see and complete the survey!


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