DJ Private Ryan – Post Carnival Relief

Are you suffering from Post Carnival Depression (“PCD”)? Also known as “Carnival Tabanca” this is a mental and sometimes physical withdrawl from all things Carnival. It tends to be worst for foreign nationals as there is also the dose of cold weather that comes with returning to NY, Canada, London, etc. after the glorious abandon that is Trinidad Carnival. I would imagine that for locals in Trinidad the withdrawl could be just as painful since the soca that has been the heartbeat of the nation for the past few months is pulled out from under them and replaced on the radio by an onslaught of foreign music. (But that’s an entirely different rant!)

That all said, DJ Private Ryan creates this Soca Mix called Post Carnival Relief which is just that for those of us still scouring the internet for pictures and looking at results and chatting with our Carnival crew like addicts in a support group.

Download HERE and enjoy and hopefully your PCD/Tabanca will be eased for the moment.


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