Trinidad Carnival 2013 Updates

I’ve barely been back from Trinidad a solid month and yet the Trinidad Carnival 2013 buzz is alive and kicking. We seem to be rolling right along! Yes! I absolutely love it, as I don’t care for that lull between Carnival and band launching season.

The teasing is over with Tribe and they have revealed their 2013 presentation of Butterflies, Beasts and Bacchanal. No word yet of if Bliss will have the same exact theme or not.

Spice Carnival also revealed their theme of Gimme Five, in keeping with celebrating their 5th year as a band.

Fantasy will be presenting Savage which of course has been done before, interested to see what their take on it will be.

Pulse 8 will be losing a couple members of their core organization, restructuring and renaming their band for 2013, so I expect to see the press releases of the new entity and theme as soon as they sort that all out.

I haven’t heard any news from Harts, Island People Mas or Yuma Vibe for Carnival 2013 as yet. Yuma Vibe hasn’t even updated their Facebook page with a cover photo for the automatic upgrades that were made to all facebook pages on March 30.


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  1. Hey family…are you interested in going to Trinidad for Carnival in 2013 but don’t know where to start? Visit our website at Hurry…the costume mas bands will start registration SOON and you’ll WANT to play mas!

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