Paparazzi Band Launch Review

The band formerly known as “Pulse 8” – “Paparazzi – Where the Red Carpet Meets the Road ” launched Sunday night at the Oval in Trinidad setting off the Trinidad Carnival 2013 costume band launch season!

The area of the Oval sectioned off for the launch was smaller than I expected, but it was cozy at the same time. There was a special red carpet viewing of the costumes for the media, where a very thorough detailed press packet and booklet was given out and in the meantime, the DJs played and the bar flowed freely. (Why are bartenders so unpleasant in Trini? Maybe because they don’t work for tips?) Anywho…on to the show!

The presentation was preceded by a short performance by Chucky, (I truly don’t remember him being so short!) and then the announcer stepped out and you could see the costumes assembling. The sections came out in a very orderly fashion and the flow of the presentation was seemless. There were no “to die for” selections and the male costumes were basic and run of the mill, but in all the showing was solid and I had a couple favorite female sections. The colour combinations were safe and predictable, all of which were easily reminiscent of a costume you may have seen before. I won’t knock that as a terrible thing, there are costumes in this band that if offered in the “Premeire” bands they would sell out instantly. My favorites are Golden Globes, Scandal and Opulence frontlines, and I do love the look of Hot Hollywood’s frontline as well, white just isn’t a personal favorite of mine.

At the end of the presentation, we were treated to Kimba and Kees and all in all it was a nice launch, with some people taking full advantage of the open bar and having a grand time!

There are 12 sections in the band:

Indecent Exposure – Turquoise & Orange – Designed by Karlene Ballah
Entourage – Pink – Designed by Leasel Rovedas
Scandal – Bronze- Designed by Ryck Alexander
French Connection – Black – Designed by Karlene Ballah
Hot Hollywood – White – Designed by Sandra Hordatt
Obsession – Burgundy – Designed by Karlene Ballah
Golden Globes – Gold – Designed by Leasel Rovedas
Star Struck – Yellow – Designed by Karelene Ballah & Chad Wharton
Red Carpet Ready – Red – Designed by Leasel Rovedas
Uncensored – White – Designed by Natalie Black O’Connor
Opulence – Green- Designed by Karlene Ballah

Click HERE for pictures from the launch.

The Band House is located at 22 Murray Street in Woodbrook and will cater to 2000 masqueraders 75% female and 25% male ranging from the ages of 25 and up and with an expectancy of 80% local masqueraders and 20% overseas masqueraders. The website is and they can be reached by email at or by telephone at (868)773-7029.

Bamabac Crew is said to be having an additional launch separate from the band where they will be presenting their individual costume, you can get details for that HERE on their facebook page


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