Butterfiles, Beasts and Bacchanal – Tribe Carnival 2013

Let me start this by saying this is my favorite Tribe presentation to date. Ole time something being my second favorite. The reason is simple, all together on the stage, it looks like MAS! It is not out of the box, over the top creative, but it is colorful, pretty and to the point of the theme. Yes it has been done before, and yes this is much younger, much sexier, it’s 2012 for goodness sake, nothing is how it “used to be”.

Below I have included the descriptions and photos from Tribe as well as a photo of the actual butterfly that the costume is to represent. Most of the costumes do an excellent job of portraying their namesakes. During my impromptu butterfly research I also discovered that the Issoria is actualy the Issoria Lathonia, which is known as the Queen of Spain butterflies. Interestingly I searched high and low for a “ray of light’ butterfly only to find that the closest thing to it is the butterfly ray/moth fish that looks very much like it’s costume counterpart. Papillon is the french word for butterfly, as well as the memorable 1982 presentation by Peter Minshall. I’ve included a picture of his presenation as the image embodies what I grew up thinking mas should look like and is why I’ve fallen for the stage presentation of Tribes 2013 launch.

The Keepers of the Kingdom

The Backpacks, Headpieces and Wings designed by Douglas John
Male Costumes designed by Gina Maingot & Kirk Jaimungal

DAGGERTAIL BY MONIQUE NOBREGA – FIERY: Feisty and fearless, thriving on independence, she lives life on the edge but still manages to keep her reputation and composure utterly flawless. She is sometimes described as wild by the butterflies closest to her as no one is ever able to anticipate her next move.


ADMIRAL BY MONIQUE NOBREGA – SCORCHING: Famous for her smoldering beauty, this butterfly is no stranger to fire as she flaunts around the kingdom, unafraid of scorching her fellow butterflies with envy. Watch out for her- this butterfly spits fire! [This section is promoted by Scorch Magazine]


MADAGASCAN SUNSET BY MONQIUE NOBREGA – ROMANTIC: A hopeless romantic… always seeing the bright side of everyone and everything. She sees life through rose tinted spectacles and refuses to give up or her idealistic views on what love is. She is adamant that the right beast just hasn’t found her yet.


REGAL EMPEROR BY GAIL CABRAL – PASSIONATE: Brimming with enthusiasm, she is passionate and driven. She submits herself completely to any task she may have at hand and always performs to the very best of her ability, committing herself honorably and selflessly.

ISSORA BY LANA NOBREGA – RACY: She is never quite able to sit still, is outspoken and fearlessly risquΓ©! This butterfly unalterably puts herself in dangerous situations, mercilessly driven by her irresistible desire to tempt fate.


MONARCH BY VALMIKI MAHARAJ – FIERCE: Domineering and sometimes mistaken for aggressive, she is fierce and unapologetic; she utilizes her captivating beauty and her bold attitude to propel her way through life.

AZURE BY VALMIKI MAHARAJ – SENSUAL: A butterfly capable of arousing all the senses, she is a natural enticer, able to commandeer any beast without saying a word. Before he knows it, the beast will be at her feet ready to do whatever it takes to be in her favor.

KALLIMINI BY NINA ALCANTARA & MARIA ELENA JUTE– AFFECTIONATE: Affectionate and sincere, this butterfly is kind and painfully sweet. The other butterflies in the kingdom envy her for her subtle and innocent charm that allows her to captivate the majority of the beast’s hearts.

PAPILO BY SOLANGE SHAW-GOPAUL – SEDUCTIVE: This seductress of the kingdom uses her sexuality to manipulate the beast to get exactly what she wants. She is undoubtedly one of the most seductive butterflies in the kingdom and flaunts this characteristic with confidence.

COPPER PEACOCK BY MELISSA JAMES – FLIRTATIOUS: Frustrated beasts dub her a tease. She doesn’t see it that way though! She is fun and carefree, and she knows exactly what to do to entice the beast with her sweet and innocent demeanor without leading too much into temptation.


CRIMSON SPHINX BY SONIA MARCANO – SPIRITED: This butterfly lives life to the fullest. She is free spirited and not concerned about what society may think of her. She refuses to be tamed by any butterfly or beast. She floats through life without a care in the world and is the matriarch of spirituality in the kingdom of bacchanal.

JEZEBEL BY SOLANGE SHAW-GOPAUL – EROTIC: Bold, raunchy and unforgiving, she utilizes her undeniable sex appeal to whip all of the beasts into submission, having them all trail behind her in awe.

RAY OF LIGHT BY PETER ELIAS – BOLD: Fierce, bold and ferocious describe her. Butterflies and beasts alike envy her. She reigns with ultimate authority and respect, and sits at the right hand of the emperor.

ACARA ACRAEA BY ANYA AYOUNG CHEE – ELEGANT: She is often described as irresistible and hypnotizing. She embodies class and elegance like no other butterfly in the kingdom. She is flawless and has an impeccable attitude to match. Be careful what you say around her, you want to stay in her good books.

For more amazing photos by Trinidad Carnival Photos check their facebook gallery HERE!!!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. LATOYA says:

    Hi I’m looking for any TRIBE costume ,bra 38 G/DD/DDD and Waiste 42 large panty e-mail me ASAP if costume is available latoya71@gmail.com

  2. angry customer of tribe says:

    TRIBE HAS NO f***ING BLACKS posing in their band…. BLACK PEOPLE keep your money in yuh pocket

  3. Camille says:

    Hello to you guys at Tribe am looking at the costumes for 2013 an am loving the white , however my question for you is does it have a backline for the white section ? please let me know that way i could move onto another section , Thanking you in advance

  4. Maggie P says:

    Absolutely amazing. This will be my first year in Mas. I will be madagascan Sunset πŸ™‚ SOOO EXCITED!!!

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