Sunny Side Up Miami 2012

A Message from SSU:

Sunny Side Up Crew,

Now that we start to feel the crisp air of fall, and the dust has settled from our summer escapades, what is next on the agenda? Sunny Side Up Miami awaits you on Sat Oct 6th from 6am.
The venue was selected with the high wattage frenzy of the true SSU breakfast fete patron in mind. The twist this time is that SSU Miami is a Bring Yuh Bottle (B.Y.B) event. Walk with your alcohol of choice, bring the energy and we will provide the rest.
Music. Foam. Water. Sexy People. Vibes. Online tickets are already moving fast and of course the ticket outlets are buzzing with excitement and anticipation. Tickets will be on sale from Fri Sept 21st (Midday) from authorized committee members and outlets.
Get into gear, the foam machine shipped shortly after Labor Day and the signature yellow cups have arrived in Miami. Plan to watch the beautiful Miami sunrise then party well past midday, in proper SSU breakfast fete style. We have this down to a science. Whether its Trini, New York or Miami, SSU is pure trini bacchanal, a celebration of friends and family basking in the sun reveling in the foam and water together. There is NO room for posers.
Authorized Committee Members and Certified Ticket outlets:
347 | 573 | 5166 NYCV
857 | 719 | 1808 NYCV
718 | 856 | 7500 Punchline Juice Bar
718 | 495 | 2474 Island Burger
718 | 230 | 3954 Sugarcane Restaurant
954 | 587 | 7684 JOY’S ROTI DELIGHT
305 | 254 | 6606 CARIBBEAN DELITE


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