Carnival Group Work-outs for Trindad Carnival 2013

It’s literally “Crunch” time. The days left until we will all be baring almost all for Carnival are numbered. Each year there is a diet and work out frenzy for the weeks leading up until the big day and this year is no different. Here are some options for you to work out with other people who understand your plight based on your band and your location:

Yuma logo

• YUMA has teamed up with Island Sweat Fitness to bring you the Brand New, One-of-a-Kind Carnival Energy program designed to get you 100% ready for de road!
• This FREE Program is going to take your body to the next level with effective workouts, specific tips and detailed information to get you in a gear!
• We at YUMA Love Carnival; Island Sweat Loves Carnival; And we Know You Love Carnival! Why Not Use What We Love So Much To Take Our Bodies And Lives To Another Level?

• Sign up Today for FREE!!! and make full use of this gift created especially for you by YUMA and Island Sweat!

• Go to and enter your name and email for instant access!

From January 21st,we’ll be adding live classes to the lineup! But for now Go to http://www.islandsweatbody.comand become a member to get your workout videos today!

Island People Mas Logo

Carnival 2013 is finally here, which means it’s time to get Fit 2 Play with Island People Mas!!
Pull out your exercise gear, throw on your favourite IPMas t-shirt and join on the Lady Chancellor Hill in Port of Spain for the best work-out series in Carnival.

Start the uphill trek at with the top fitness instructors in T&T and of course: our moving sound system to energize you with the hottest soca hits.
Come Re-Humanize as we get Fit 2 Play together.
See You There!!


If you are still stuck in the cold in NY, check out Soca Motion and get ready with groups of others ready to get out into the sunshine.


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