MM Freetown Collective

Innovative and groundbreaking describes the upcoming release of the collaborative effort between Machel Montano and Freetown Collective. The song “Represent” (the remix) combines all the necessary elements of Soca with a conscious message. With such a special song, it was inevitable that the creative quality should match equally with the choice of visuals. – Enter, Blue Cinamon Pictures.

Blue Cinamon is a duo team from Los Angeles California, currently on-location in Trinidad putting the finishing touches on the upcoming film, ʻGod Loves The Fighterʼ. The film was made entirely in Trinidad and Tobago, starring an all-local cast. Blue Cinamon has solid roots in the film/music video industry as an innovative, one-stop-shop company, which combines marketing, art direction, and their wealth of experience in the US music industry.

Referring to the visuals for “Represent” (the remix) as “just another music video” will be an understatement. Instead, viewers will be treated to a short film incorporating a storyline and featuring unique aspects of the Trinidadian culture associated with the joy of Carnival. The short film highlights two children Dirk and Chicken, characters inspired from the upcoming film “God Loves The Fighter”. In the story, Dirk and Chicken embark on a mini-adventure through Port of Spain, the mission – to hand out flyers for the neighborhood boss-man, Izaman. They must hand out all the flyers or else they will not get paid.

This project is the first of its kind for Trinidad and Tobago. The project will be released to all television networks and exclusively on B-mobile on January 14, 2013 with an online initiative to follow on January 15, 2013.

Follow the storyline at:

Official Website:

Official Website:


For the event: #machelmonday

For the collaboration: #freetowncollective

For the track: #representtheremix

For the film: #godlovesthefighter

To help Dirk and Chicken on their mission: #izaman

For more information or to schedule an interview with the members of Freetown Collective or Machel Montano please contact Alexa Bailey at


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