2013 International Soca Monarch Finalists!

21st socamonarch

The International Soca Monarch Semi-Finals were held last night at the Arima Veledrome sans Bunji Garlin and Fayann Lyons-Alvarez. There were however many other talents in attendance. See photos from last night here

Below is a list of the Finalists for this year’s Soca Monarch:
2013 International Soca Monarch Finalists

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  1. CarnivalVirgin says:

    okay this is completely unrelated but this is my first Trinidad Carnival (10 days till my flight!) and im really excited but some things are kind of unclear…

    1st: is it true you can join a band without buying their costume?

    2nd: is it common for people decorate their own clothes/monday wear even if they arent in a band?

    3rd: if there is security to keep you out of the bands.. is it going to be boring for me? do i have to just stand on the outskirts and watch? or is there a way to get in on some action?

    and finally 4th: how much is Soca monarch finals and how do i get tickets to go?


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