A Message from Vale Vibe


For Release:

We deeply regret the inconvenience and disappointment caused by the cancellation of D’Original Vale Breakfast Party 2013. We appreciate all the positive and kind sentiments from everyone in support of our movement. Know that we put up a valiant effort in pulling out all resources to be able to execute on the event, however the committee decided that the high quality execution that you have become acquainted with, would have been compromised due to a events beyond our control. Hence our decision to forgo 2013.

ValeVibe is committed to continuing on with tradition of representing the culture. The culture of good will through our philanthropy activities over the past 18 years which has eclipsed over $200,000 funneled back into the Diamond Vale Community. And of course spreading the Vale Vibe’s’ globally!

The beauty of the ValeVibe experience manifest itself in the gathering & comradary of friends & family which is why the Vibe can never be extinguished. D Original Vale Breakfast Party will be back for 2014 with the Vibe that has kept it going for 18 years. As communicated previously, we have already refunded back ticket monies sold by committee members and will be honoring the bar-coded tickets that patrons decided to hold on to for 2014. Please be advise that refunds are only being honored that were purchased directly from a committee member. Please return your ticket(s) to the person whom you purchased from for a full refund. Please note that we do not use nor are affiliated with any ticket distribution outlet claiming to have information regarding vale vibe ticket purchases or refunds. Failure to do so will expose you to the potential of fraudulent activities often associated with these outfits.

Please insure that you are signed up on our mailing list through http://www.valevibe.com for the latest news on ValeVibe and our upcoming activities. See you in New York Laborday Weekend 2013 for TANTANA and at back at Jungle Island for Miami Carnival and the kick off for D Original Vale Breakfast Party 2014…

VALEVIBE Committee


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