Spice Carnival Band off the road for 2014

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Dear Spicequeraders,
It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that after months of careful consideration, we have decided that we will not be bringing out a presentation for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2014.
The Spice Management Team, as part of both our professional and personal growth and development, have embarked on some new projects for the upcoming year and we have realised that this will hamper greatly our ability to provide you with the level of quality product and service that you have become used to.
We have always believed in giving you, our masqueraders, 100 per cent dedication at all times and our new endeavours will not allow us to maintain this standard that we have set for ourselves and we would never want to short-change you in anyway.
While we are very excited to begin this new chapter in our lives, we are deeply saddened that there will be no Spice Carnival Band in C2K14. The last five years have been an incredible jour…ney and the happiest times in the lives of the entire Spice Team.
To you our masqueraders we say thank you, thank you, thank you.
Thank you to all our one time masqueraders and special thank you to our returning masquerades for making Spice your choice for Carnival. Thank you for your support… you all made us a success!
To our loyal masqueraders who have been with us since year one… what can we say, you are like family to us and we love you all and will miss you terribly.
However, this is not a ‘goodbye’ Spicequeraders, this is merely a ‘see you later’ as Spice Carnival Band will be back soon, even better than before! We started this band because of our love for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival and it will be very hard for us to stay out of the industry for too long.
We hope that you all have a great Carnival 2014 and see you on the road for C2K1…!
Best Regards,
The Spice Team


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