Freaks NY Present Aquaria – Labor Day 2013

Freaks NY logo

Saturday night in Brooklyn, the Freaks came out! Freaks NY Mas that is. This is their second year on the road on the Parkway, so I caught up with ThatDudeTony aka Tony Cross to ask him about his band.

CF: Who exactly is Freaks Mas NY and what is the main motivation and driving force behind bringing out your own band?

TDT: Freaks Mas is the new era of Carnival in New York City, and is made up of the members of Natural Freaks Limited. After doing this for years in Miami the timing was just right to start in New York. The Carnival needed a change.

CF: How long have you been bringing Mas in Miami?

TDT: This year 2013 will be our ten year anniversary.

CF: Time flies, didn’t realize it has been 10 years already.

TDT: Yep

CF: What did you find lacking on the Parkway that you all feel Freaks NY has brought to the table?

TDT: If anyone ever played mas with us in Miami, they know there is just something about our band. It has a special vibe to it that you can’t get with any other band. New York needed that energy. It’s not about titles, it’s about making your people have the time of their life.

CF: You are bringing a Kiddie Mas Band as well? What are your personal thoughts on kids and Carnival?

TDT: Yes, we are affiliated with both Uptown Kidz Mas and Just 4 Fun. I believe the kids play a major part in the Culture. Our parents taught us, and so we must pass the torch on to our kids.

CF: Agreed!

Freaks NY Mas is presentation Aquaria will be on Eastern Parkway for Labor Day 2013. The band will contain 14 sections. Registration will include your costume, breakfast, refreshments on the road and lunch after the parade route.

The Freaks NY Mas camp opens on Wednesday, June 12th and is located on 549 Nostrand Avenue between Atlantic Avenue & Herkimer Street in Brooklyn. Go check out the costumes!

TonyCross Frontline Section - Veil Tail Costume Design by Alicia. Zder Designs
TonyCross Frontline Section – Veil Tail
Costume Design by Alicia – Zder Designs

Freaks NY Mas website will be up and running soon.

Uptown Kidz Band Launch will be held Saturday, 15th June at D’Savannah in Brooklyn, NY.

Uptown Kids Color me Band Launch 2013

Just 4 Fun Band Launch will be held on 22nd June at the Freaks NY Mas Camp.
Just 4 Fun Kids


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