Addicted Riddim – King Bubba FM & Dwaingerous – Summer Soca

Every summer for as long as I can remember I’ve looked forward to the soca that is going to come out of the “small islands” and there is without fail always at the very least one or two songs per island that I am glad to put on my mp3 playlist until the new Trinidad Carnival soca starts rolling in toward the end of the year. The past few years, Trinidad soca artistes have been releasing big tunes for the summer, mostly to coincide with Cropover. Some of my favorite songs for Carnival in Trindiad have been carryovers from the summer. I for one love this trend, and while in the early days I was not a big fan of soca being on Riddims, I’ve grown to appreciate them over the years. It gives each artiste an opportunity to express themself, and it also has been a bridge for new artistes to get heard at the same time as the heavy hitters.

Right now my favorite Riddim is the Addicted Riddim by King Bubba FM & Dwaingerous. I can’t say there is any song I don’t like, but I do have my favorties. I will keep my bias to myself. Take a listen, the Tracks are:

Machel Montano – Bruck It

Lil Rick – Kotch De Bumper

Lil Rick – Wild Out

Skinny Fabulous – Defense

Erphaan Alves – Bumper Bounce

Indrani – Street Life

I also have to mention I love the lil badass dude that starts off the songs on YouTube under Riddimcrackers.


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