Music Monday – Post Carnival 2014

It’s a beautiful Monday and as always I’ve been listening to soca to pass the day. I tried to wean off the soca after Carnival but local radio is currently a total bore, I’m sticking with soca; it’s sure to make me smile and buss a small wine in my chair.
Checking out my post-Carnival play list is always interesting, songs that I loved pre-Carnival tend to fall to the wayside and others replace them. Usually there are a few songs that I didn’t really expect to hear for Carnival or songs that are reminiscent of a particularly great fete or jam with my friends on the road. This year most of my core pre-Carnival picks are still going strong, the songs I heard and loved from the first moment and still pumping on repeat. But as always there are a few pleasant surprises.
My post Carnival list additions follow (in no particular order):
Titan Riddim produced by Mad Men Productions includes Destra Garcia “State of Mind”, Machel Montano “She Coming”, Kerwin Dubois “Spoil Mehself”. This Riddim is just boss, all the songs are great!
Kerwin Dubois & Maximus Dan: “Welcome to the Carnival” – this here song! Even my child is still singing it. Refreshing to hear Maximus and fact is Kerwin came correct across the board for 2014, and while the “Too Real” win is well deserved I think this song easily brings me the happiest memories of the road.
Flipo “Doh Tell Meh Dat” (Isadora Riddim): This song is representative of how I feel until Carnival 2015!!!
Benjai : “Come Out to Play”- SMH…when I played this song pre Carnival I listened in its entirety. I liked it. Didn’t expect it to go far really, although I was pretty tickled by his Soca Monarch semis performance, I’m saying, who knew Benjai was Trini centerfold material!? Once I arrived in Trinidad and heard the song in a fete my mind was changed. Love it – On my play list for sure.
Kes: “Bad Habits” – Don’t think I really appreciated this as much until after Carnival. Making up for it now.
Denise Belfon: “Chuku Chuku” – I think she sold me on this at Soca Monarch, but whenever it got in my consciousness, I’m listening to it now.
Olatunji: Everyone refers to this as “Indian Girl”, just a sweet soca tune, going to play through the summer.
M1 formerly Menace -“Big People Ting” – absolutely rude, underrated, underplayed amazing tune.
Did I mention that Kerwin just did it big this year…go listen to everything! Don’t say I didn’t tell you.

Some mixes to download in case you can’t get your hands on all the songs:
Close Connections – Soca Storm Volume 25
Private Ryan – Soca Brainwash 2014
DJ Smoove Groove – Carnival Replay


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