SpiceMas is getting Hotter!!!

Grenada Carnival is on the tail end of the Caricom summer carnivals. Referred to as Spice Mas because of the islands well knows abundance of spices, Carnival in Grenada is very unique. While many of the well known Carnival traditions prevail, such as, Soca Monarch, King & Queen competition, Panorama, Jouvert, Monday and Tuesday mas as well as numerous fetes and boat rides, Grenadians put a twist on Jouvert and have a Monday night Mas and vibe to rival all the other islands combined.

shortnee - hermitage

For the past couple decades, Jouvert and Monday Night Mas have been the highlight of the Carnival and the costumes on the road Monday and Tuesday during the day very scant and lackluster to say the least. While traditional mas bands depicting Shortnee and Moko Jumbies have remained prevalent during the day on Monday and Tuesday, for some reason Pretty Mas had died down in numbers. Bands such as Comancheros have been consistent in presenting, but somehow the young people were not getting as into it as they do Jouvert and Monday night Mas.

Aurora - Dawn
Aurora – Dawn

In recent years the interest in “Pretty Mas” seems to have been rejuvenated. Bands such as Summer Crew and this year Levels Mas Band are bringing beautiful costume options for Tuesday on the road and with it some more spice to the Spicemas tradition. In addition to Pretty Mas there has been an introduction of Monday Wear as well. Chris K Designs is leading the charge in Monday Wear for Spice Mas this year which takes the pretty costumes and people on the road for SpiceMas 2016 up another notch.

chriskdesign level mas monday wear mirror


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