Paparazzi Carnival – Sky Gazers from Sunset to Sunrise

Paparazzi Carnival logo

Paparazzi Carnival is the first Carnival Band to launch for the Trinidad Carnival 2017 Season. Their 2017 presentation ‘Sky Gazers- from Sunset to Sunrise’ was stellar and the costumes are a wonderful start to the Carnival Season. Paparazzi Carnival though in their 4th year is a descendant of Poison Carnival, so they know what they are doing. From the band launch to the road their execution is pristine. The band offers premium drinks all day long on both days, top DJs and Sound Systems, a scrumptious menu on Monday and Tuesday, No-Nonsense Security, mobile restrooms, trained paramedics, a leisure vehicle to rest and FREE Monday Wear.

Sophomore Carnival Costume designer Alejandro rose to the challenge of creating a feather free costume for the band, his design Solar Storm (below) is everything you think of when you think of looking to the sky!

Solar Storm - Paparazzi Carnival 2017
Solar Storm – Paparazzi Carnival 2017

Alejandro who designed 5 sections for Paparazzi for the Carnival 2017 season is a new young designer that has nurtured his passion for costume design since he was in secondary school where he was introduced to traditional wire bending. He is becoming an awesome design force to reckon with. His other designs can be viewed below:

Aurora Borealis
Aurora Borealis


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