Take “The Journey” with Lyrikal – Debut Album

It seems weird putting the word ‘debut” after the name Lyrikal. If you are a soca lover then you know his name, you know the melodies, you know the lyrics, of his multiple hits. Devon Martin, known to fans as simply Lyrikal was born in the twin island republic of Trinidad & Tobago where he began singing in church as a young boy. After migrating to the United States at the start of his teens, it was only a few years before he found his way back to music. In 2003, he made his first recording at Dainjamentalz studio in New York. The track Tiger Bone was the beginning of a consistent flow of music that has finally led to a debut album.

On the night of his album launch this past Thursday in NYC, a friend said to me “what’s the name of his first album, I want to get that one too”! It really is hard to believe that with his considerable catalog of hits that this would be only his first album. “The Journey” is a compilation of 20-tracks that are a representation of Lyrikal’s music career to date. 

Lyrikal Journey ITunes

Lyrikal has toured extensively, and is well known on the soca circuit internationally, and can be found performing at every Carnival. Keep track of what city to see him in next by checking out his website http://www.lyrikal.com or follow him on Instagram and Twitter @iamlyrikalace.

“The Journey” is available for purchase on Amazon and ITunes.


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