Yuma: The Origins – From Whence we Came – Trinidad Carnival 2017

I love Band Launches. There is always such an air of anticipation! Everyone is milling around drinking and eating and chatting, rarely ever breaking into full fete mode as they await the presentation. The stage always looks like its Fashion Week in NY, the lights are bright, and if you know where to look, you see the tips of headpieces and sides of backpacks as they prepare to come on stage.

Yuma’s launch for The Origins – From Whence We Came was no different. Halsey Crawford Stadium was abuzz with excitement, all the crews of media, and friends and families gathering and waiting. The launch was drinks inclusive and the bars moved very smoothly. There was also a slightly elevated VIP Section which was organized as well. Honestly what I love about the Band Launching is the presentation, the music, the lights, the energy and the excitement. It seems to have taken the place of the Big Final show on the stage on Carnival Tuesday when the stands would be filled and a presentation of the band would be made prior to all the masqueraders pouring on. I’m old school and I miss that pageantry on the stage so I get my fill of it at the band launch.

All that said…on to the costumes! Yuma’s presentation was fun and sexy and the stage was set up in such a way that you could get a pretty good look at the costumes from almost every angle of the audience. I noticed that there were two each of the backline costumes so that people on either side of the crowd were able to take a good look. They presented a Frontline and Individual and a male for each section as well. The models for the most part appeared to be able to handle their costumes with ease, which I always find to be telling for the road. Anything that looks hard on stage is going to be trouble on the road, no matter how pretty it is.

Crystal Aming Marcus as always does not disappoint with her sections: Though I generally don’t care for pastels, the color in Gole still manages to grab your attention. Typical. The thigh chains in the Frontline are fierce (sunblock on the road ladies). I like the optional feathered headpiece available to the Backline, as well as the fact that it comes with a collar for no additional cost. I also adore cowrie shells and find the use of them very unique and well executed.

Still somewhat new to the costume design arena Alejandro (watch out for him) has another of my favorites: Navajo, not your typical color combination by any means, and I think oddly enough that is a big part of what attracts me to it. I love the use of the colors chosen throughout the costume. The work is very delicate and pretty. The Frontline costume is totally striking and very unique, I can’t wait to see it on the road.

Also catching my eye is Anhinga. Designed by Marie Colette, the costume is a head turner. I love the color combination, the Frontline backpack is awesome and I am a sucker for the tribal look of the chains of the neckpiece.

In all, I was impressed with Yuma’s costumes. There are a few unique color combinations, very nice backline options, and very complete male costumes. The theme is a little cliche for me, but I’ve grown used to that in mas.

All of Yuma Vibe costumes can be viewed online at http://www.yumavibe.com.


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