This one is for New York!!! Bunji Garlin x Majah Hype Freestyle

Somebody say FIRE!!! This one is really for Brooklyn. If you are not West Indian, and didn’t live in or frequent Brooklyn between 1985 and 2002, this absolutely awesome Freestyle by Bunji Garlin and Majah Hype is over yuh head!

The history in these two verses make me nostalgic and sad at the same time. Lyrics about a Soca time, a Free Up vibe, a Caribbean love, an ‘Islandmix’ that is now only in our memories. It makes me feel my age, but it also makes me feel lucky to have experienced it all first hand. If you didn’t live it, you could never fully understand it, nor mourn the loss.

Outside of Trinidad and many times even more than Trinidad, the Brooklyn Soca scene are the flag bearers, the number one supporters, the Champions of the Soca music movement. Relentless, passionate and tireless with the love and support of our music, our culture and its Artistes and DJs all day everyday, our “Soca Switch” is always ON!

The lyrics call all the veterans out, and I applaud Bunji for the acknowledgement, and I’m beyond impressed by the lyrical talent of Majah Hype.

Old School crew take a listen and reminisce, youngsters – take in some history!
Verse 1

Verse 2

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