Chatty Patty is Brassy & Sassy

I met this lady Patrice a long time ago in 2003 on a weekend trip to Miami,  before we were mommies, when random trips and jet skis, and just a little too much to drink were a norm!

Thirteen years later, we are both moms, who have lived a lifetime in those 13 years. Patty and I see  each other at Carnivals, and like each other’s posts on Social Media.  When she started blogging doing video tutorials I always made sure to take the time to like them and watch them, and could often empathize with relationship situations posted on her blog “Chatty Patty”.

I felt so proud to see her evolve and express not only her obvious talent and skill, but to carve a niche for herself doing something she loves as Brassy & Sassy.  Brassy & Sassy is a collection of hand made items created by Patty. Below you can find our Q&A and get to know her and her business a little better:

  1. When did you first know that this is what you wanted to do?


“I always knew from since I was a child, that I wanted to make clothes, but it wasn’t until I had my daughter, that I decided to create my brand, Brass & Sassy, and make it into a business.”


  1. What is your motivation?


“Life is my motivation.  Everyday I wake up, I’m reminded of what a blessing it is, to be alive and to be able to do what I love.  I don’t want to leave this earth, with regrets.”


  1. What is your proudest moment?


“One of my proudest moments is when I receive emails from women who tell me that Brass & Sassy inspired them to create their own business.  That means more to me than anything, I’ve created.”


  1. What has been your biggest obstacle?


“Honestly, my biggest obstacle has always been myself.  Life can be hard, and intimidating and sometimes, I get a little insecure about my talents and in the past, it has caused me to shut down and take a break for a moment and mentally, regroup.  I’m my biggest critic and a bit of a perfectionist but I’m overcoming those traits, everyday.  This is the reason why I do not stay long on social media, because it tends to make you feel like you’re not good enough, when in fact, you are.”


  1. What advice do you have for other young ladies, interested in doing similar craft?


“No matter what business you go into, know the reason why you are doing it, and remind yourself of that, everyday.  Surround yourself with like minded people, who are going to support you, and encourage you, along the way.  SACRIFICE!!!!  You have to be willing to sacrifice your time, and especially your own money.  Be willing to take time out and do your research, learn and allow yourself to grow.  You don’t know everything.  Even the best, allow themselves to learn more.  Success (whatever your definition of it may be), doesn’t happen overnight.  Continue to work hard.  Make sure that what you’re doing, doesn’t feel like work.  You must find an denial joy, in every aspect of the business.  If it doesn’t bring you happiness, then you haven’t found what you’re looking for.”

The items below are some of the exceptional hand crafted pieces that you can find on the website. New orders will be taken starting Tuesday, October 11, 2016.



Instagram: @imbrassandsassy




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