Bazodee the Movie Original Soundtrack available NOW!

Trinidadian Soca Superstar Machel Montano has added actor to his entertainer resume.  Bazodee the movie premiered this summer in Time Square In NYC.  It was a fun premiere event to a very Caribbean influenced Bollywood themed movie.  The movie itself began its limited engagement in the United States on August 5, 2016.  A similar premiere event was held in Trinidad and the movie opened in theaters there on September 14.  The movie is slated to show throughout the Caribbean and opened in Toronto on September 30, and opens in Montreal on Friday, October 21.

Bazodee Movie Theaters for Listings
If you have yet to see the movie here is the synopsis:

Anita Panchouri is the doting daughter of a deep in debt Indian businessman. She’s on the verge of willingly marrying a wealthy suitor when she meets a romantic rasta singer, Lee de Leon who’s drafted last minute to perform at her engagement party. There are sparks, naturally, but Anita refuses to acknowledge them, focusing instead on playing matchmaker to a constantly bickering, secretly-in-love couple: her sarcastic cousin Poorvi and her underachieving future brother-in-law, Partiv. Of course, no one can see these sworn enemies are made for each other…no one except Lee who vows to unite the two. Anita is skeptical that Lee, the newly arrived stranger, can pull off a feat she’s been trying to accomplish for years. When he succeeds in transforming the fighters into love birds through a little creative Cupidry, however, Anita’s moved by Lee’s romantic gifts and decides she wants to be with him, just once, before she enters a loveless marriage for the sake of her father’s future. But Anita’s designs on Lee don’t go unnoticed. Nikhil, the territorial younger brother of Anita’s fiancé, picks up on the attraction, especially when Lee unexpectedly switches his set to sing a love song at a big soca show. And when Nikhil learns the true state of the dismal Panchouri finances the family’s been hiding, he sets about a plan of revenge that will destroy Anita and her father and crush her chance at true love. Set in beautiful Trinidad and Tobago, BAZODEE is a Bollywood style Caribbean musical about being true to yourself and honest in love at all costs.

I will call a spade a spade….the storyline is pretty cheesy.  If it hadn’t been a movie made in Trinidad and starring one of our biggest artists, the likelihood that I would have gone to the premiere or to see the movie are slim to none. However, I am a firm believer that it’s our responsibility to support our own.  I have to admit that I was really proud to see the movie up on my Fandango app.

Bazodee the Movie Fandango
What I thought to myself as I sat and watched the movie as the first few bars of ‘Water Flowing’ started was, I would so buy this soundtrack!!! I was disappointed that it wasn’t available for sale at the premiere. I am thrilled that it is available now! The soundtrack of this movie is a great mix of old and new Machel and provides a great compilation of songs that any true Machel, Xtatik, HD, Monk Monte fan can enjoy. It’s available for download and purchase on all the major outlets from ITunes to Spotify.

I personally would like a Blue Ray DVD with a bonus Soundtrack and maybe a booklet with some rare photos from behind the scenes. Diehards would certainly  add to their collections.

All in all if you haven’t seen it and your a fan of Machel then see it…it’s no cheesier than what we watched from Bollywood on a Sunday morning as kids, with much more relatable music!


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