D’ Originial Vale Breakfast Party Miami Carnival 2016


On the heels of New York and already we feelin’ your energy and excitement buzzing about Miami 2016!!! On October 8th 2016, ValeVibe heads to Miami Carnival for D’Original Vale Breakfast Party…Miami edition. From 4am we party under the trees and stars at the exclusive “Jungle Island” and await the sunrise.

Bringin’ D’Vibe all the way from Trinidad is resident DJ Alicia D Duchess alongside DJ Back 2 Basics and Anonymous from New York City. But there’s more… Gracing our stage for the first time ever in Miami will be ‘The Hypeman’ Patrick Anthony and Mr. Panks of Nuphoric and Lord Hype!!!! And we still not stopping there, look out for surprise guest performances for the hottest soca artistes!
Carnival is not Carnival without costumes! Look out for our Fantasy Carnival ‘Lapis Lazuli’ section costumes and registration station! Get ready to Own D Road and Own D Vibe with ValeVibe and Fantasy for Carnival 2017!!!
We toppin’ it off with authentic, mouth-watering Caribbean and continental breakfast, D water zone, D wall crew and much more!
Purchase Tickets online or contact your committee member.  Or  Visit Vale Vibe for more information.

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