Trinidad Carnival Costume Bands 2017


Bliss Carnival Presents  “al sahra”

Cat in Bag Productions

Colorz Fuh So

Fantasy Carnival Presents “1001 Fantasies”

Flirt Presents “The Passion of Carnival”

Harts Carnival Presents “UltraViolet Jungle”

Just Wee & Friends Presents “A Steam Punk – A Tribute to Earl Crosby

Kalicharan Carnival Presents “Zante” (San Fernando)

K2K Alliance & Partners Presents “At the Helm”

Legacy Carnival Presents “Time – Then ~ Now”

Mac Farlane Carnival – Carzabon – The Art of Living

Paparazzi Carnival Presents  “Sky Gazers”

Passion Carnival Presents “Spectrum”

Petlemas Presents “Savage Fairies”

Roam the Mas Band Presents “WoW – Wonders of the World”

Ronnie & Caro Presents “Fearless 10”

Showtime Trinidad Presents “Fashion 545”

Splash D Mas Band Presents “Swirl”

The Lost Tribe  – A Revolution of Mas – Presents “Riddim”

Tribal Connection Cultural Promotion

Tribe Carnival Presents “Zero – The Life Below”

Trini Revellers Presents “Al Zawaj”

Utopia Mas Presents “Phoenix”

We Krewe Carnival Presents “Desires”

Wee International Mas Presents “Dynasty”

Wild Ltd Presents “Mas in We”

Yuma Vibe Presents “The Origins – From Whence we Came”


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