Soca Music – Trinidad Carnival 2017 – What’s New?

Every year at this time my inbox is a never ending  barrage of new soca music. Some Parang too, but mostly new Carnival 2017 music.  I honestly do try to listen to everything at least once, but there are always the songs that I instantly connect with as I begin creating my gym playlist for the pre-season.  This is my first comprehensive post of the season, but it’s only November so I expect quite a few others.  Check out what I’m listening to now and stay tuned for updates!

Voice – Far from Finished  – I don’ think the title could be any more appropriate. This song is a very compelling followup to his Soca Monarch winning song Cheers to Life.

Iwer George – Take a Bathe – Classic Iwer. Period.

Teddyson John – Dreaming – A little more from the sweet voice of Teddyson John for the Carnival 2017 season. I like.

Lil Bitts – Automatic – I love how her voice has matured. Nice chick tune.


Destra Garcia X Farmer Nappy – Technically – Two veterans with great vocal range and an engaging theme that most people can relate to.

Nadia Batson X Olatunji – Geelay – Another Power combo of voices with a nice afrosoca beat.

Kerwin Dubois X Teddyson John – New Day – Duets are made of a combo of awesome artistes.  Love these two separately and as a combo.



Riddims: The list of riddims is super long already for 2017, these are the ones I’m currently into…

Lip Service Riddim –GBM Nutron  – “Rock You Out”, K.Rich – “Feel Like Love”, Kreesha Turner – “I Will Be Here”, Preedy – “On The Low”,  R.City – “Nobody Ready
Machel Montano – “Lip Service”

Bashy Vybez Riddimbashey-vibez-riddim

Destra Garcia – Waistline Killer



D’ Avenue Riddim –  A lot of artistes on this riddim!

Lyrikal – Hello – This is one of my favorites so far.


Vicey Riddim








Shal Marshall – Famous(Blame Kia for my selection on this riddim)

Summer Soca that is going straight through Carnival 2017: These songs are just that good…they made the rounds through their local Carnival, Nottinghill, New York, Miami and are coming to Trinidad too.

Peter Ram X KI – Carnival Good Morning (lil remix from the original Barbados version, but Carnival is always a Good Morning anywhere)

Ricky T Ft Eempey Slicker – Freaky Girls

Lavaman – Cukus Bag (Pozee Riddim)

Ricardo Drue – ID Nation




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