New Music – Fantom DunDeal Camo Music

Friday 15th June Fantom DunDeal (Arlon Griffith) released his third full album titled Camo Music. The album is a mix of Soca and Reggae with a few unexpected surprise tracks.  The artist known to most as Fantom has been at his craft for over ten years and has been known to hustle hard for his love of music, and represent even harder for his island of Barbados, West Indies.  Album tracks such as “32 (Make Money Run)” and “Barbados” tell that story in music.  As always there are the Groovy tunes for the girls “Lemme See” and “Felicia” are already on the airwaves.

Below is the full track list of the album, you can listen or purchase HERE!

️Camo Music️ (TheAlbum)
1) Camo Music ft Tekkavelli
     Prod By ShevPro
     Engineered By Tarik Delves
2) Tek Care
     Prod By RAWW
     Engineered By Tarik Delves
3) Skyy
     Prod By MindKeyz
     Engineered By Tarik Delves
4) 32 (MakeMoneyRun)
     Prod By MindKeyz
     Mixed By Tarik Delves
     Mastered By Chris Gehringer
5) Perfection ft Jah mel
     Prod By ShevPro
     Engineered By Minim (MVIQ)
6) Tech Loving ft Raine Seville
     Prod By StickToThePlanEnt
7) Video Chat
     Prod By Shev Pro
     Engineered By Tarik Delves
8) Felicia
     Prod By ShevPro
     Co-Prod/Engineered By Tarik Delves
9) Lemme See ft Sisi Jo
    Prod By WMG
    Engineered Tarik Delves
10) Rack It Up ft Mole
     Prod By Tuff Chin
      Engineered By Tarik Delves
11) Different Languages
      Prod By WMG
      Engineered By Tarik Delves
12) Style It Style It ft Nu Lyfe
       Prod By Krazy Records
13) On Fire ft BigRed (Cloud5)
       Prod By BlackCrestStudio
14) Bajan Man 2
       Prod By Riddim & Vibes
       Engineered By Minim (MVIQ)
15) Barbados
       Prod By BassInk
16) Chill Pill ft Miigos
      Prod By Chad Sidone

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