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What do you #LIV for?

On 8th March 2013 there will be a fundraiser held at 51 Degrees in support of Cancer Awareness that was brought about by the story of an amazing 19 year old young warrior by the name of Cherise Couri that resides in Trinidad.
Local celebrities, artistes and everyday citizens that have been touched by this story are taking part and helping to bring awareness through social media.

Please take a look at her very touching video and do your part to #LIV.

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Fantasy Carnival to their Loyal Masqueraders

Fantasy Carnival 2013
There has been much chatter both on social media and off about Fantasy Carnival’s 2013 road experience. Some have professed it to be more of a nightmare than a fantasy, while others seemed to be quite satisfied.  Fantasy received many posts all of which were removed from their facebook wall, which was also closed for comments shortly after the barrage.  A young lady in London made a YouTube video expressing her unhappiness which has been circulating (see video here )


Below is Fantasy’s address to their masqueraders:

Dear Loyal Masqueraders,

We appreciate your feedback and all constructive criticism as we
strive to improve the Fantasy Carnival experience.

… Admittedly, we faced a number of logistical challenges on the road in
2013 and were forced to make some tough decisions, which affected your experience in different ways.

We hereby apologize sincerely to those masqueraders who did NOT enjoy the experience with us and vow to make the necessary adjustments in the areas deemed unsatisfactory.

We thank you for your patience and support, as we utilize ALL your
feedback (positive and negative) to assess our performance as your chosen Carnival mas band.

Carnival is both of and for the people, so we humbly acknowledge that without you we are nothing.

Thus, whenever you are hurt, unsatisfied, upset, hungry, thirsty and/or tired, we acknowledge our responsibility to share this pain – and to do whatever is necessary to alleviate its recurrence in the future. All our registered masqueraders will receive an email shortly confirming our commitment to serving your needs and apologizing once again to those who did not enjoy the experience.

We thank you for choosing Fantasy Carnival and embrace this opportunity to learn from you with the aim of improving on our organization and the quality of service your receive, so as to make all your greatest fantasies come true in the future.


Fantasy Carnival

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Fantasy Carnival – Savage Saturday – 5 January 2013

The ONLY place you will See MACHEL MONTANO & HIS FULL BAND LIVE this Saturday! Get your tix! The Fog is coming!


SAVAGE SATURDAY tickets are only available at Fantasy’s band house to people who are listed/referred to by a Fantasy Committee member from Wednesday 2nd January 2013.

Please contact the ticket hotline at 489-0151 to get your tickets for SAVAGE SATURDAY!

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Tribe Carnival Band Launch – Live on CarnivalTv


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Trinidad Carnival 2013 the hype starts early

Earlier this week I posted a teaser from Tribe Carnival for 2013, and it made me happy and hopeful, I am still having residual bouts of tabanca from 2012, but that little flyer was a burst of sunshine in the clouds for me, and I don’t even play in Tribe!

Since then Tribe Carnival has released two more teasers, I don’t feel any closer to figuring out the theme, but it doesn’t really matter, it just means that Carnival is alive always, and that makes me ecstatic.

Spice Carnival is also putting up teasers and letting us know that the Carnival season never truly ends. Can’t wait for more from all the bands!

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Tribe Carnival Theme Peek – Carnival 2013

At least I know I am not crazy to be wondering about costumes for 2013, checking ticket prices and budgeting for fetes! Image

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Carnival Tuesday 2012 – Parade of the Bands Day 2

We Ready!!! The recurrent theme of many of the popular songs for the road this year. We ready for the bacchanal, born ready, the band ready…

Are you ready?

Click here to view live coverage of the Parade of the Bands today.


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