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Anya Ayoung-Chee presents Cheyenne for Tribe 10

Trinidad’s own Anya Ayoung-Chee, Project Runway Season Nine Winner, former Miss Trinidad & Tobago, fashion designer, philantropist and all around sweeheart, presented her section Cheyenne for Carnival Tribe’s Tenth year anniversary presentation of Tribe 10.








Designed by Anya Ayoung-Chee
Full costume details & options coming soon!
Photography by Laura Ferreira

Also, please keep your eyes out for an online/physical shop that is tailored by Anya to further meet your Carnival needs. The shop will be providing Monday wear, footwear and various other accessories! You can play mas in Tribe 10 in full high fashion glory!

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‘Fever’ Mas With a Difference “MDW” – Notting Hill 2014


With 39 days until carnival Monday, the excitement is absolutely buzzing in the Mas With a Difference camp and we can’t wait to hit the road. If you can make it to London for Notting Hill Carnival 2013 send us a text, email or call to register with MWD.

Website: http://www.mwdcarnival.com
Phone: +44 7984 175483
Email: info@mwdcarnival.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mwdcarnival
Twitter: @MWDcarnival


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Tribe 10 Carnival 2014 Teaser

I hope you all have your tickets! See you in the Savannah!!!

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Fantasy Carnival 2014 Secrets of the Deep Teaser


On July 27th Fantasy Carnival will be launching their third presentation, Secrets of the Deep.

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Bliss “TRIButE” 2014 Teaser Video


Tickets for the Bliss section of the Tribe/Bliss 2014 Band Launch are SOLD OUT!!! As the excitement mounts for Saturday, Bliss released a teaser video of sneak peaks!

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Tribe 2014 Band Launch


For all you last minute Lucy’s who did not jump on this the minute it landed in your email.

TRIBE 2014 Band Launch
Saturday 20th July | Tribal Reservation
(Queen’s Park Savannah)
Drinks Inclusive!! (Rum, Beer, Vodka)

Tickets on sale NOW to 2013 Masqueraders ONLY
TRIBE & BLISS 2013 Masqueraders – $280 (Until Thurs 11th July | Subject to availability)
Non-Masqueraders – Special Ltd. Adv. $320 almost SOLD OUT!
Ltd. Adv. $350 thereafter

Tickets available at TRIBE Mas Camp and Committee Members
20 Rosalino Street, Woodbrook
Mon-Fri 12pm-6pm

Committee Members
Aaron Fingal 736-7676 | Arvinder Rampersad 729-8765 | Brendon Clement 687-6871 | Bruce Shepherd 788-1263 | Cher Singh 787-1795 | Cherrise Alexander 756-6865 | Chike Philip 460-2965 | Chris Carim 744-7970 | Crystal Lee Kim 744-2331 | Dominique De Verteuil 799-6213 | Elysee Gilbert 299-9636 | Gabby Gonsalves 739-2968 | Greer Iton 465-6618 | Hannah Samuel 745-3795 | Jamie Aqui 753-5154 | Jardena Harding 620-8548 | Jeremy Tai Chew 330-7922 | Jessica Mohammed 796-9108 | Jehan Singh 760-0820 | Joel Lynch 678-6172 | Joshua Brown 473-7426 | Kandace Price 689-6087 | Kearlene Crosby 758-5022 | Kerrie Kim Kirton 488-2386 | Kevin Homer 687-0501 | Kimberly Ella Tang 685-0363 | Kristi-Anne Chin 682-8835 | Marcus Rowley 328-1616 | Marvin Carmino 770-8315 | Natalia Garcia 465-4097 | Nathan Dookie 482-5158 | Narissa Field 756-6628 | Nicholas Patrick 781-7781 | Nicholas Gill 687-7099 | Rachel Wharton 713-9590 | Rebecca Elias 313-2006 | Ricarda Thompson 792-2002 | Rian Ramrattan 714-4309 | Ryan Henrique 744-2257 | Shane Baird 727-4263 | Shannon Billioun 785-3768 | Sharise Rhyner 729-3051 | Sherayne Welch 722-3389 | Sommer-Jo Olliviere 384-8444 | Steven Luk Pat 680-6957 | Toni-Marie Chin 739-8641 | Zikomo Townsend 347-4064

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Pound the Alarm – Nicki Minaj Official Video

I just watched the much anticipated Nicki Minaj video release of “Pound the Alarm”. From the very first second I was transported to as Kees so perfectly calls it “the only place I love”. Trinidad is represented in the beautiful place I always think of it as, with clips of all familiar places and the splendor that is our mas.

The mini Carnival is so perfect in timing as we are in full Carnival band launch season, and there is nothing I can say I don’t like about it! Great job Nicki and Benny Boom.

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