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Tribe 2014 Band Launch


For all you last minute Lucy’s who did not jump on this the minute it landed in your email.

TRIBE 2014 Band Launch
Saturday 20th July | Tribal Reservation
(Queen’s Park Savannah)
Drinks Inclusive!! (Rum, Beer, Vodka)

Tickets on sale NOW to 2013 Masqueraders ONLY
TRIBE & BLISS 2013 Masqueraders – $280 (Until Thurs 11th July | Subject to availability)
Non-Masqueraders – Special Ltd. Adv. $320 almost SOLD OUT!
Ltd. Adv. $350 thereafter

Tickets available at TRIBE Mas Camp and Committee Members
20 Rosalino Street, Woodbrook
Mon-Fri 12pm-6pm

Committee Members
Aaron Fingal 736-7676 | Arvinder Rampersad 729-8765 | Brendon Clement 687-6871 | Bruce Shepherd 788-1263 | Cher Singh 787-1795 | Cherrise Alexander 756-6865 | Chike Philip 460-2965 | Chris Carim 744-7970 | Crystal Lee Kim 744-2331 | Dominique De Verteuil 799-6213 | Elysee Gilbert 299-9636 | Gabby Gonsalves 739-2968 | Greer Iton 465-6618 | Hannah Samuel 745-3795 | Jamie Aqui 753-5154 | Jardena Harding 620-8548 | Jeremy Tai Chew 330-7922 | Jessica Mohammed 796-9108 | Jehan Singh 760-0820 | Joel Lynch 678-6172 | Joshua Brown 473-7426 | Kandace Price 689-6087 | Kearlene Crosby 758-5022 | Kerrie Kim Kirton 488-2386 | Kevin Homer 687-0501 | Kimberly Ella Tang 685-0363 | Kristi-Anne Chin 682-8835 | Marcus Rowley 328-1616 | Marvin Carmino 770-8315 | Natalia Garcia 465-4097 | Nathan Dookie 482-5158 | Narissa Field 756-6628 | Nicholas Patrick 781-7781 | Nicholas Gill 687-7099 | Rachel Wharton 713-9590 | Rebecca Elias 313-2006 | Ricarda Thompson 792-2002 | Rian Ramrattan 714-4309 | Ryan Henrique 744-2257 | Shane Baird 727-4263 | Shannon Billioun 785-3768 | Sharise Rhyner 729-3051 | Sherayne Welch 722-3389 | Sommer-Jo Olliviere 384-8444 | Steven Luk Pat 680-6957 | Toni-Marie Chin 739-8641 | Zikomo Townsend 347-4064

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Soca & Summertime in NYC

It’s summer time in NYC. My absolute favorite time in this concrete jungle. The sun is hot, and there is always, always something to do. Being a soca lover, I tend to end up at many a fete, drinking many a cocktail and liming with old friends (#teamnonewfriends).

If you are in town this week and you want to hear some soca and take a wine, here are a few fabulous events to check out.

Float Boatride – Wednesday, June 26 & Thursday, June 27
Float NYC 2013
This boatride is listed as sold out for both Wednesday and Thursday, but it’s nice outside, take a stroll by the Pier someone could be selling a ticket. If not on Wednesday head to Greenhouse Wednesday and Thursday head to Vice.

If you just must see Machel Montano and HD, they will be back in town next month

Upscale Wednesdays at GREENHOUSE 150 Varick- Wednesday June 26greenhouse wednesdays 2013
Doors open @ 6 RSVP to Greenafterwork@gmail.com

ShorBlue Vice – Thursday, June 27
vice after work thursdays

Kes the Band at BB Kings Friday, June 28
Kes bb king
For tickets and information click here .

Shorblu Blu Vino – Saturday, June 29
On Saturday the place to be is Blu Vino. Those ShorBlu guys know how to throw a party, and their venues are always great.
Blue Vino 2013
For tickets and information click here.

Hope you all have an amazing week and get in some Vitamin D.

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A Message from Vale Vibe


For Release:

We deeply regret the inconvenience and disappointment caused by the cancellation of D’Original Vale Breakfast Party 2013. We appreciate all the positive and kind sentiments from everyone in support of our movement. Know that we put up a valiant effort in pulling out all resources to be able to execute on the event, however the committee decided that the high quality execution that you have become acquainted with, would have been compromised due to a events beyond our control. Hence our decision to forgo 2013.

ValeVibe is committed to continuing on with tradition of representing the culture. The culture of good will through our philanthropy activities over the past 18 years which has eclipsed over $200,000 funneled back into the Diamond Vale Community. And of course spreading the Vale Vibe’s’ globally!

The beauty of the ValeVibe experience manifest itself in the gathering & comradary of friends & family which is why the Vibe can never be extinguished. D Original Vale Breakfast Party will be back for 2014 with the Vibe that has kept it going for 18 years. As communicated previously, we have already refunded back ticket monies sold by committee members and will be honoring the bar-coded tickets that patrons decided to hold on to for 2014. Please be advise that refunds are only being honored that were purchased directly from a committee member. Please return your ticket(s) to the person whom you purchased from for a full refund. Please note that we do not use nor are affiliated with any ticket distribution outlet claiming to have information regarding vale vibe ticket purchases or refunds. Failure to do so will expose you to the potential of fraudulent activities often associated with these outfits.

Please insure that you are signed up on our mailing list through http://www.valevibe.com for the latest news on ValeVibe and our upcoming activities. See you in New York Laborday Weekend 2013 for TANTANA and at back at Jungle Island for Miami Carnival and the kick off for D Original Vale Breakfast Party 2014…

VALEVIBE Committee

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Yuma NEON 2013

Yuma Neon13.jpg

FEMALE $300 MALE $350
Tickets available from Committee members and at the Mas Camp

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MACHELEMENTS – Earth – Wind – Fire


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January 14, 2013 · 5:46 pm

Fantasy Carnival – Savage Saturday – 5 January 2013

The ONLY place you will See MACHEL MONTANO & HIS FULL BAND LIVE this Saturday! Get your tix! The Fog is coming!


SAVAGE SATURDAY tickets are only available at Fantasy’s band house to people who are listed/referred to by a Fantasy Committee member from Wednesday 2nd January 2013.

Please contact the ticket hotline at 489-0151 to get your tickets for SAVAGE SATURDAY!

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Sunny Side Up Miami 2012

A Message from SSU:

Sunny Side Up Crew,

Now that we start to feel the crisp air of fall, and the dust has settled from our summer escapades, what is next on the agenda? Sunny Side Up Miami awaits you on Sat Oct 6th from 6am.
The venue was selected with the high wattage frenzy of the true SSU breakfast fete patron in mind. The twist this time is that SSU Miami is a Bring Yuh Bottle (B.Y.B) event. Walk with your alcohol of choice, bring the energy and we will provide the rest.
Music. Foam. Water. Sexy People. Vibes. Online tickets are already moving fast and of course the ticket outlets are buzzing with excitement and anticipation. Tickets will be on sale from Fri Sept 21st (Midday) from authorized committee members and outlets.
Get into gear, the foam machine shipped shortly after Labor Day and the signature yellow cups have arrived in Miami. Plan to watch the beautiful Miami sunrise then party well past midday, in proper SSU breakfast fete style. We have this down to a science. Whether its Trini, New York or Miami, SSU is pure trini bacchanal, a celebration of friends and family basking in the sun reveling in the foam and water together. There is NO room for posers.
Authorized Committee Members and Certified Ticket outlets:
347 | 573 | 5166 NYCV
857 | 719 | 1808 NYCV
718 | 856 | 7500 Punchline Juice Bar
718 | 495 | 2474 Island Burger
718 | 230 | 3954 Sugarcane Restaurant
954 | 587 | 7684 JOY’S ROTI DELIGHT
305 | 254 | 6606 CARIBBEAN DELITE

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