Parade of the Bands – Trinidad Carnival 2017 – Carnival Monday! (Parade Route Inside)

Happy Carnival to you all!  Be safe out there on the streets of  Port of Spain! Masqueraders, DJs, Band Leaders, Section Leaders, Costume Designers…Today is your Day! Day 1 of 2017’s Greatest Show!!!  

Some reminders…

  • Have a plan to find your band and your family and friends if you get lost.
  • Walk with some vex money in your shoe or bra or somewhere only you can access it,
  • Stay Hydrated! Alcohol is great but Water is Life!
  • Reapply your sunscreen. Once in the morning will not save you from sunburn.
  • Don’t take food and drinks from strangers even in your own band. There are some sick people out there! 
  • Walk with safety pins just in case you have a wardrobe malfunction!
  • Have FUN!!!! It’s CARNIVAL!


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