Trinidad Carnival Bands 2011

Trinidad Carnival Bands 2011

Trinidad Carnival will be 8 March/9 March 2011

Bliss the Band Presents The Warrior Within

Brian MacFarlane Presents Humanity of Life

D Krewe Presents Rhythms 2011

Dream Team Presents The Art of Dance

Genesis Presents The Nest

Glenn Carvalho Valleys of the Nile 2011

Harts Presents Planet Rock

Island People Mas Presents Shades of the Universe

Legacy Presents South Pacific

Pulse 8 Carnival Presents Out of the Woods

Ronnie and Caro Presents Survivors

Rugeri Presents Robin Hood

Showtime Mas Presents 007 – Colours of Green

Spice Carnival Presents The Signature Collection

TRIBE Presents The Way of the Warrior

Trini Revellers Presents Tales of Merrie Olde England

Wee International Presents Pieces of a Dream

Childrens Bands (Kiddies)

Rosalind Gabriel Presents The Storyteller

Carnival Babies Band launching coming soon

Spoilt Rotten Kids Presents Nomads

For any further info on Spoilt Rotten Kids:, cnunes29@gmail.comlast

Gerald Kelly 2011 Presents Welcome to Disney

Jouvert Bands

Mas Jumbies

Yellow Devils

Silver Mudders

If you had your heart set on a costume and it is SOLD OUT, never fear, there are resources to help you find the costume of your dreams for resale!

Check out Carnival Junction and Fine Ah Ban you may just get lucky!

Check back periodically for updates to the list as bands continue to launch for the 2011 Carnival season.


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