Costume Mas Bands – Jamaica Carnival 2017

Are you going to Jamaica Carnival?   Are you playing Mas?  You should be! 2017 promises to be a wonderful spectacle of costumes for Jamaica’s annual Road March being held on Sunday, April 23.  The premiere of two new mas bands stock full of veteran mas designers and pretty costumes have entered into the Jamaica Carnival arena.

Xaymaca International, with a motto of “Out of Many, One Band”! has partnered with renowned Trinidad band Tribe Carnival as well as Sleek Jamaica, Lehwego, Karnival by Kandi, and DJ Richie Ras.   The all-inclusive  bands costumes are being presented by familiar names like Krave the Band out of Barbados, Punchy Punch from Bliss  and Keisha Als out of Trinidad. On the road bringing the very important music and hype are Nuphoric, Lord Hype & Tony X, DJ Richie Ras, DeiMusicale, DJ Lantern MD, Jason Williams (JW), Bloodline Franco, Milo Myles, Selecta Renegade, DJ Shep Beats, and Konata Alleyne.

Karnival by Kandi Revolution

Xodus Carnival,  whose team  is a force behind  the annual summer  Dream Weekend  is directed by Kamal Bankay and has enlisted costumes from with the help of Yuma out of Trinidad to form another premium mas band for the season.  The already SOLD OUT band has also partnered with Campari liquor and they promise to have lots of surprises in store.  A signature T-Shirt section is still available for people still wanting to be a part of Xodus Carnival for the Road March.

Treasure Frontline – Xodus Carnival


Bacchanal Jamaica the staple of the Road March presents  Spellbound for Jamaica Carnival 2017.  The band has beautiful costumes and its usual schedule of events leading up to the Carnival.  On the road with them are Artistes, Kes the Band, Destra, Ricardo Drue, Farmer Nappy and Patrice Roberts.  DJs include, Back2Basics, Barrie Hype, Creep, Duchess, Dr. Jay, Lantern, Miami Dream Team, Ryan Sayeed and Private Ryan.  There will be a new route for 2017 as well as ultra premium road bars, a bigger lunch stop and a final fete.

Bewithced Designed by Jodi Stewart
Marketed by Caesars Army

Jamaica Carnival the namesake of the celebration the holdout from the days of Byron Lee is back again this year to continue his dream for Carnival in Jamaica.  A celebration of music and mas, and people and culture. The band offers both costume and t-shirt options and all options include rum punch, carnival screwdrivers, juice and water on the road.  All participants in the band qualify for the spirit of carnival competition, the winning section will get an all access pass to all Jamaica Carnival 2018 events.  The least elaborate of the bands, Jamaica Carnival is also the most affordable.

Ja Carnival – Flair Kit



All in all there are an abundance of options for the Road March in Jamaica for 2017, and I look forward to seeing all four bands take to the streets of Kingston.




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