Borough Day 2017 – Point Fortin Trinidad

Borough Day Celebrations in Point Fortin have become a staple second Carnival experience on the island of Trinidad.  From fetes to steelbands to Jouvert and cultural exhibitions that include even a market fair, the celebration is a huge event that is gaining popularity every year.

Jouvert in Point Fortin has gone all out and become an event not to be missed. Notable Jouvert Bands such as Celebrity Jouvert and Think Pink Jouvert have full blown presentations with all inclusive food and drink on the road in addition to your way above average Jouvert costume. Much more than the basic tees you get for Jouvert during the Trinidad Carnival season, these outfits are fierce and fun!

The event and fete schedule is pretty impressive for the celebration as well. Borough Day festivities launched on April 21, and will continue through May 7th. Both the Borough of Point Fortin as well as private promotion teams have put together a variety of events that rival Carnival activity throughout the Caribbean. Fetes include Til Sunset, Point, Rize Breakfast, Soca by the Sea, 4 Kings, Beacht, and Mawnin Neighbor.

Also below is the official Point Fortin calendar of events:


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