Carnival Rogue – Trinidad Carnival 2018

Carnival Rogue launched their new band on the 21st of July in a street party atmosphere with costumes aboard a truck going down Ariapita Avenue. The new band is powered by Caesars Army and Carnival Tribe.

I’d received the following a few weeks before and have to say I was intrigued to see where this was going. Had the people of the island really gone Rogue and become a new Tribe?

“New band alert!

The Alternative Concept in Mas
It’s a partnership between Caesar’s Army and TRIBE.
Caesar’s Army will be the face of the band and coordinate all marketing and concepts.
Road Management and machinery by TRIBE to maintain the top notch quality
Together we have conceptualised and created a new way to experience the mas…exciting things to come!
Teaser to be dropped on Friday and more to come at Festival Of The Bands
Rogue Band launch, following Friday (21st July)
Be Rebellious…Be Rogue…Be Ready!”

Now that their site has launched and the information is posted I feel a bit anti-climatic. I tend to be rather literal, and when you say Rogue, I expect full on deviation from the norm. The most rogue thing I’ve found is that there is only one Male section across the entire band. I don’t believe I’ve seen that before. They’ve also hinted about after parties – a last lap a day maybe?  All the rest of it – Food all day on trucks, premium drinks, pee pee trucks, etc., all seem reminiscent of a time not too long ago, and still standard in many existing bands. I will say that I was really excited about the no lunch stop thing, as I am no fan of the current standard of stopping mid pump to have a pseudo picnic and sit on thin blankets (if you get one) on the hard dirt in the blazing sun with limited music and alcohol while people take naps and primp in mirrors. I’m from a generation of masqueraders that walked with a flask and some money for vendors in your shoe or bra, and had no desire to sleep until the trucks turned off at  midnight on Tuesday or you boarded your plane home on Ash Wednesday. 

All that aside let’s see the costumes!

Racy – Monique Nobrega

Rapture by Richard & Anthony
Raven by Valmiki Maharaj
Rebirth by Kirk Thomas
Reign by Richard & Anthony
Renegade by Lauren Austin
Revolt by Tracy Boyce


Rise by JP Richardson
Risque by Richard & Anthony
The Rogue One by Richard & Anthony
As far as Frontlines go, Raven Frontline is the most striking, the elaborate back and waist piece definitely make it a standout.  All 3 of Richard & Anthony frontlines are pretty, I have a hard time choosing a favorite between Reign and Risque.  The backlines are all solid in their own way, especially because you can get almost each one with a backpiece or large headpiece for under $800US,  The male costume feels pretty basic, and considering the fact that it is the ONLY one, I would have liked to see more options for males in the band to be Rogue, express themselves and mix and match options.  It does say there’s a large headpiece coming, so I guess we will see. 
Based on their stellar reputation I’m going to give Caesars Army the benefit of the doubt to make something Rogue and unexpected happen on the road…or else Rogue will be just another case  of do as the Romans do.
 They are officially open for registration and costume viewing. Check out their website – Carnival Rogue



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